Anja (6helterskelter6) wrote in dlm_silence,

I know, I know. This week's challenge is gonna be a bit different, in the sense that we are going away from the whole silence thing. This is the only week that we will allow you to use text! You can do ANYTHING you want this week. Any brushes, and text too! (I can't stress that enough). This is all because I am currently mid Spring Break, and bought a nice hat today. I am in a cheerful mood and have decided to give you all a reward!

So you can make up to Six icons!! Two for each cap, or three from one and three from the other, or six from one cap, etc. So loads of entries this week okay?!?! Just depends on what mood you're in. And how much you love the caps.

And because I'm in such a good mood, it's a Mason (well mostly) and partly Daisy challenge!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Entries are due Thursday at 9:00 PM EST (because I'm going out of town), and there will be a reminder mid-week.

- Up to SIX icons
- Must fit under LJ standards (max 100x100 and 40kb)
- Post the img src tag as well as the URL
- Be creative, and have fun
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