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Text-Free Dead Like Me Icon Challenge

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27th June 2005

6helterskelter610:25am: OMG check this place out!!! alias_stamped

1st May 2005

6helterskelter610:39am: I am sorry to say that gorthead and I have no time due to upcoming exams and final assignments, so we are looking for a new mod or two new mods. If you would like to take over for us, please comment.

I apologize for the wait, but here are the winning icons!

winnersCollapse )

2nd April 2005

gorthead11:40pm: Challenge 9 Voting
I thought 6helterskelter6 posted this already. o_o Profuse apologies, etc. Since this didn't get posted until now, we'll extend the voting until Monday (or Tuesday), but the new challenge will still go up the usual time.

Vote!Collapse )

28th March 2005

6helterskelter67:07pm: I'm going to extend this special challenge, not because we don't have a lot of lovely entries, but because I think that we can get more, and because I don't feel like doing any work right now that isn't dealing with my English Oral or practicing guitar for my "gig" in two weeks.

So you can enter your icons here

Have a nice week! And Happy Easter.
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22nd March 2005

6helterskelter610:17pm: Banners!Collapse )

Please remember to enter this week's challenge. You can enter up to SIX ICONS WITH TEXT!!!.

Enter here!!!!
6helterskelter69:40pm: WinnersCollapse )

19th March 2005

6helterskelter610:11pm: I know, I know. This week's challenge is gonna be a bit different, in the sense that we are going away from the whole silence thing. This is the only week that we will allow you to use text! You can do ANYTHING you want this week. Any brushes, and text too! (I can't stress that enough). This is all because I am currently mid Spring Break, and bought a nice hat today. I am in a cheerful mood and have decided to give you all a reward!

So you can make up to Six icons!! Two for each cap, or three from one and three from the other, or six from one cap, etc. So loads of entries this week okay?!?! Just depends on what mood you're in. And how much you love the caps.

And because I'm in such a good mood, it's a Mason (well mostly) and partly Daisy challenge!

I brake for reapers!Collapse )

Entries are due Thursday at 9:00 PM EST (because I'm going out of town), and there will be a reminder mid-week.

- Up to SIX icons
- Must fit under LJ standards (max 100x100 and 40kb)
- Post the img src tag as well as the URL
- Be creative, and have fun
6helterskelter66:36pm: Low turn-out this week, but it's Spring Break for a lot of people, so I get it. Don't worry. People still love us.

VotingCollapse )

So come out and vote. No voting for your icon, and you can vote for your top TWO 2 TWO 2 icons. We don't actually have enough for you to vote for three.
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6helterskelter66:30pm: Winners!!!

Cut for resultsCollapse )

Great job this week!
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17th March 2005

6helterskelter611:05am: Okay so I'm gonna type as fast as I can. This week's voting is still gonna be extended, because my computer dies every five minutes. So I will post the winners whenever I get the chance. I'm gonna try my sister's computer later today. You can still vote here.

12th March 2005

6helterskelter67:15pm: Okay, so the voting is going to be extended until Wednesday morning because I'm going out of town, but I will be posting a new challenge in a few minutes.

So please remember to vote here.

Now, I must go back to watching my precious David Anders on CSI.

Caps, for this week's challengeCollapse )
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11th March 2005

gorthead11:04pm: Challenge 7 Voting
-Comment with your top 3 favorite icons in order.
-Don't vote for yourself.

Also, this is goodbye for two weeks, as I'm going to China for the March break, and won't be on LJ. You are in good hands. :P

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gorthead8:33pm: Challenge 7 Reminder
I am just here to tell you that your entries are due tonight! I won't post the voting for another few hours just to give you the chance to enter here, as we could use some more entries.

The challenge won't be extended, though, so even if nobody else enters I'll still post voting around midnight Eastern time (the situation isn't dire).

The entries we do have this week are fabulous, though, I must say!
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6th March 2005

gorthead11:16pm: Challenge 7!
I come bearing the new challenge, featuring caps from 1x11, The Bicycle Thief. :D

-Enter up to three icons (one per cap).
-Comment with IMG SRC and URL.
-Icons due Friday, March 11.

Caps!Collapse )
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gorthead10:33pm: Challenge 6 Winners!
Thank you guys for entering, we really appreciate it! New challenge will be up soon, but for now:

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4th March 2005

gorthead7:48pm: Challenge 6 Voting
-Vote for your three favorite icons in order.
-Don't vote for yourself.
-Voting ends Sunday night.
-Good luck!

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1st March 2005

6helterskelter64:59pm: Just a MID-SECOND-WEEK reminder to get your icons in.

If you don't... I will steal your soul!!! *cackles*

Entry Count = 7 (so of course we want MORE right?!?!)

And please enter. We want more. The caps are really nice. I know there are more of you out there!!!

If you want to enter, please do so.

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25th February 2005

6helterskelter69:06pm: Hey, so we're gonna extend the challenge because we only have six entries, and because I've been under so much stress (and gorthead) has been too. You know, it's the end of term. That's how things go.

So you can find the caps HERE So see you next week!! Oh and we'll probably have another mid-week reminder.

See y'allz soon. (I would put way too many z's, but I don't feel like being that cruel).

23rd February 2005

gorthead10:38pm: Reminder!
This is just a mid-week reminder to enter this week's challenge here! :) We could use a few more entries!

22nd February 2005

gorthead2:42pm: Futurama Icontest Pimping
Using my modly powers, I have granted myself permission to pimp another icontest that supermeghan and I have created. It is:


So if you like Futurama, please join! Or if you know anyone who likes it, tell them! We are hoping to get started on Sunday! It will be run more or less like dlm_silence, only you'll be allowed text.

Or, just ignore this post altogether and enter this week's challenge here!
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21st February 2005

gorthead10:03pm: Challenge 5 Results
Thank you, everyone, for voting! It's just that we pretty much had a four-way tie for every place, so I appreciate it! :P

Winners & Banners, you know the drill.Collapse )

Congratulations! You can enter Challenge 6 here!
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20th February 2005

6helterskelter68:41pm: Please people vote for the previous challenge. We're extending it because there is a four-way tie, and that's just a tad bit too much tie (if you know what I'm saying). And really, they are such good icons so you must go see them. If you don't go vote then I shall... do nothing! Click here and cast your vote.

Since we're on the subject of crack... here are the new caps. There is a theme this week (with the caps) and the theme is; drumroll please...Collapse )

-Submit up to three icons.
-Do whatever you like, but no text (like usual).
-Icons due Friday at 7:00 PM EST.

And please go vote.
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gorthead3:16pm: Voting!
We don't have nearly enough votes! Please take a second and just comment with your vote here, it would be much appreciated! :)
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18th February 2005

gorthead9:34pm: Challenge 5 Voting
-Vote for your three favorites in order.
-Don't vote for yourself.
-Thank you for participating!

Voting this-a-way!Collapse )
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16th February 2005

gorthead7:53pm: Reminder
This is just a mid-week reminder to enter this week's contest!

Click here for the challenge post.
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